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I'm Chelsi Vanderlip and I am the owner of Creative Convections. I have been baking my whole life and it was my dream to start my own bakery. I love to create my own design that allow me to fulfill my dream of sharing baked goods with you. 

My Story

Creative Convections is a place to welcome customers making them feel like home. I want my business to bring joy, love, and great space for open minded guest. Creative Convections is in business for designing creative cute desserts. I love expressing myself though my desserts to my customers. I wanted Creative Convections to be like a home to all my customers and to feel that their creative thoughts of a dessert can be achieve. The core value that I want all my customers to know that I welcome each and every one of you and be open to create amazing desserts with me.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's get creative together!

(480) 710 - 7518

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